BONDS fought the law

...and BONDS won: $6 BILLION 

to KILL the Opioid Epidemic

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Fighting for American Familes

UPDATE: GREAT News! Opioids Bill is law

This is why I ran - in a small way to me it's mission accomplished:

Detroit is my home and throughout my life I watched my father, 19 time Emmy Award Winner and Broadcast Hall of Famer Bill Bonds stand up and fight for this community. Dad's official handoff to me was his last labor of love - our 2 year project together documenting our comeback: Heroes of Detroit  Password: HeroesOfDetroit


Now it is my turn to step up and do the same. After losing my stepson Drew to the opioid epidemic, I could no longer stand on the sidelines. I went to Washington in January and came back with a good start to my Marshall Plan to save America from 100 dead daily - $6 Billion.  Story:  "Where is the money?!" Now laws are popping up like popcorn - but will they really do the trick? We need someone with an expertise gained at the ultimate cost of becoming a bereaved parent. Experience matters. I intend to be the face, the voice, and the mother of the Opioid Epidemic. I financed this Celebrity PSA to get the word out.

Our families need a conservative champion who will tackle the tough issues. That's why I am running to be your next Congresswoman for the 11th District.


I will always put American families first. I will serve our community with American love and American guts. 

My Plan to Put American families First