THE GOOD - Michigan is back - again. I was raised to believe the best is still made in Detroit. My father and I turned our unsung heroes into "Sung Heroes"  who saved the domestic Auto Industry. So let our ORIGINAL Anchorman and I drive you on a six minute victory lap Michigan. Watch our brutal Motor City struggle, rise and victory on the world stage.

Our Big Three:   Heroes Of Detroit  

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THE BAD - Opioids - "Bigger than AIDS at its peak and no one believes it." - Hugh Hewitt 3/6/18. How BIG? The “leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old”. EVERY DAY 175 mostly Young Americans DIE of Opioids - and it's mostly in The Suburbs. Last year in Detroit alone, 267 souls were murdered violently, and yet 50% MORE -388 souls- were murdered by Opioids. These sudden young deaths destroyed their Michigan families, including ours. Opioids killed our first born son.

The First Lady keeps our losing battle to Opioids in the news while the President's proposal of $13 Billion to fight Opioids is less than 1/3rd of The American Health Care Act's first proposed $45 Billion by Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. Senator Portman is the ONLY person I have heard who understands the entire problem. We need even more -a MARSHALL PLAN. Long term in patient recovery for those suffering - yes, and with dreadfully long odds -2% to 20%- of even surviving one year. We MUST immediately address our suburbs' demand side BEFORE THEY START! How? Sustaining The Growing Opioid Oath Movement and getting the TRUTH to our young Americans who are casually considering experimenting with Opioids even this weekend. (The Demand Side). The Opioid Oath memorializes through witnesses and in writing they now KNOW it's not a game, unless it's called life and DEATH Russian Roulette. Flat out - this is the biggest immediate problem America has....“The DEADLIEST drug crisis in American History”.

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Ford CEO Jim Hackett is leading Detroit's Driverless Test in Miami using Fords to deliver Driverless Dominos Pizza! GM's Alan Batey articulated for me Chevrolet's superior product as the reason for GM's sales records. President Trump's State of the Union Address mentioned Toyota and Mazda's new "American" plants in Alabama. Good for America? Perhaps, but not good for Michigan. 

The imports steal our domestic American Market Share and WE LOSE - our 11th District's Automation Alley, our Big Three and Michigan. Now we face more uncertainty with no guarantee Driverless Cars will be Made in Michigan. Detroit just lost not only Amazon but our national claim to fame for being #1 on our home turf: Toyota Plant Puts Foreign Car Makers on Path to Pass Detroit in U.S. Production. GM for one is "Not ok" with the above news from the WSJ - neither are Michiganders - we're angry and dissappointed. Read more on how we can lock in our future...


"You were first an American." - Bill Bonds' Final Broadcast 

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Why Bonds? A name that means grit, attitude, and embodies our "Detroit vs Everybody" spirit.

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