Suburbia - Utopia?

Michigan's 11th District just held as Dave Trott voted YES to President Trump's historic tax cut and repeal of Obamacare. 

Now we must RETAIN the momentum of our prosperity train by winning this critical OPEN seat with some of Michigan's most important cities, including Troy, Birmingham, Farmington, Waterford, Milford, Novi, Northville, South Lyon, Canton, Commerce Township, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, Auburn Hills and Livonia. All District 11, all among the great American home towns where I grew up known as "The Suburbs" and where I live, love, work, and play today, taking advantage of what each special place has to offer throughout our glorious seasons. We have it good here...really good. So is it fair to ask: What are we doing about WHAT IS BAD HERE?


THE GOOD - Detroit's comeback has inspired the nation! Dad (Bill Bonds, 19 Emmys) and I did a HERO story honoring the men and women who were responsible for much of our new success - check it out:

Our Big 3:   Heroes Of Detroit  

Password:   HeroesOfDetroit

THE BAD - We have an epidemic friends - it's OPIOIDS,   

“The Deadliest drug crisis in American History” and it's the “leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old”. My sister Joanie Bonds died from the terrible disease of addiction on December 16, 1981. Fast forward to April 3rd, 2013 - the call every parent dreads - our beautiful first born son Drew was dead of an overdose. On Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, we sent our own EMPLOYEE who overdosed two weeks ago but survived (Thank GOD!) to a long term recovery house in Florida on a $20,000 scholarship. The place was founded by "Stevie B" - who addressed addiction when he gave our Drew's eulogy. In his own grief for Drew, Stevie B. sold what he had and founded "JC Recovery House".  That was only one starfish we made a difference to. 90 Americans die a day to Opiod overdoses. That's gonna take a LOT of $20,000 scholarships. Happily I know JUST where to get it. Oh I'm declaring alright - I DECLARE I'M DONE WATCHING AMERICANS DIE! Here is what I'm doing about it:

Bonds will CHAMPION The Opioid Crisis not only for our District 11 in Congress, but for all of America. PROBLEM: 

Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a ‘Health Emergency’ but Requests No Funds

There is no replacing the PASSION I've gained from living through the losses of TWO generations of eldest siblings in my own immediate family! Bitter experience is the engine of my resolve - and leaves me at the mercy of no man's argument. I will double down by educating our families that are unwittingly enabling them. The alarm needs to go out to all our schools. 

A great friend of my father's - L. Brooks Patterson is helping - but it's not nearly enough! Detroit's crisis and the country's undisputed 911 emergency has already been valued with a number - and that number is FORTY FIVE BILLION. "NEVER get in the way of a mother bear robbed of her cubs'" - said some maimed hunter I suppose. When funding of a 2017 proposed $45 Billion to fight Opioid Addiction happens - 11th District: I got our backs for more than our "fair share" like nooooobody else. I will be the voice, the face, perhaps the mother - to represent the Opioid cost in the flesh as only one who has gone through it can. 

"Don't just throw money at a problem; throw management" - My mentor. Neighbors - we need someone who understands addiction first - that would be me - I have studied it for 25 years and I get it. My plan extends into prevention by raising up an army of parents in my shoes (I have already started partnering with Donald and Dianne - both good friends whose kids OD's in 2012 and 2014) and to educate and warn all middle school students in our district for no more deaths, no more overdoses ruining lives, NO MORE HEROIN!


 "I was first an American." - Bill Bonds' Final Broadcast 

Detroit - Not only are we THE HUB of THE AMERICAN wheel with our lock on the domestic auto industry, we are also completely indispensable to our National Security as the key cog of the military–industrial complex. My real and personal love for our city drove me to become part of Detroit's solution by creating brand new jobs these past ten years. Starting from a second floor office in the Village Mall under the neon lights of The Civic Theater in Farmington as a small business entrepreneur, I launched, co-founded, invented or planted over 35 digital tech companies in Metro Detroit that are still succeeding and still employing Detroiters. 

My Story:   

Seems like I spent my entire childhood playing in the water of Green Lake before becoming a proud Farmington Hills Mercy girl. It was an all girl school and I hardly even noticed guys freshman year when I made the cast of two plays in a row opposite two co-stars from all boy Birmingham Brother Rice. Yet one would become my husband and the other would become a movie star (Denis O'Hare). For college I kept it in the Big 10 - Indiana to start and finishing at Northwestern - "studying" with future stars like Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) and David Schwimmer (Friends). 


Disney to Disney Tokyo, some off broadway, highlighted by becoming a singing member of mega-band "Alabama". That was cool. Think I'll hit up the boys and their 41 Number 1's for a fundraiser. Maybe they'll let me get back up on stage with them. 

Figuring if I can make it "Anywhere" (New York) - which I did for 10 years - I can come home to Detroit to help with our comeback. Starting in 2007, help we did - GM, Chrysler (FCA) and Ford conquested the imports and came roaring back using many of the exclusive technologies Bonds & Co. introduced. In the process we picked up a new mama - Mama King!  Alveda King, MLK's niece, adopted us into her royal King family long before she started serving President Trump. Campaigning together we plan to bridge any racial divide in our 11th District in a peaceful unity we can all be proud of as we model "The D" to the nation!

Why Bonds? Proven Job Creator 

Why Bonds? Opioid Crisis Champion

Why Bonds? She's one of us!

Why Bonds? A name that means grit, attitude, and embodies our "Detroit vs Everybody" spirit.

Why Bonds? A race uniter, just like Billy.

Why Bonds? Detroit Love. Detroit Guts.

Why Bonds? BONDS is DETROIT.

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