"WAR! GM vs WAYMO" | FCA, FORD roll...

News: FORD delivers Pizza in Driverless Test - WSJ

Nice: FCA CEO Sergio wrote checks for an early 2018 $2000 bonus to 60,000 employees - many in the 11th district, THEN, he drops $1,000,000,000 on Michigan for the modernized RAM Plant creating 2,500 more jobs. Michigan vs Mexico: Advantage - MICHIGAN! Happiness IS buying my new Jeep!

UNFORTUNATELY, we also lost manufacturing to Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Ohio and California as OEMs Toyota, Mazda, Nissan (who is now testing driverless in Japan), VW, Honda, KIA, BMW and Hyundai built greater production capacity than Detroiters - still right here in the USA...yet with profits leaving for their prospective "home" countries. In fact, we are "O for Imports". And yet "this is the Motor City, and this is what we do" - Rememinember? STOP the madness! We can control Made in Michigan DETROIT DRIVERLESS: 


ONLY MICHIGAN stands sentinel as the critical HUB of the "United States Military Industrial Complex." - President Eisenhower, quoted by MLK. World War II is a prime example. Will any of these foreign car companies help us or their homeland in a time of war? More likely similar to the Olympics - each car company given the choice will abandon The USA to support his or her own country, leaving us with the responsibility. Exclusive Domestic Driverless is our requisite compensation.

My vote for 2018 Hero of Detroit goes to Ralph Gilles! Here FCA Design Chief Ralph Gilles tells me how they're doing it in Auburn Hills. FCA sounded the alarm for all Michiganders with our biggest moment: Eminem's Super Bowl spot. (password: HeroesOfDetroit) This year FCA was sadly the only Domestic who ran a commercial during the Eagles' Super Bowl win. Outspending Detroit was Lexus, KIA, Hyundai, Toyota and Mercedes who all ran the prestigious Super Bowl timed ads. All build on our American soil. 

My father in law worked with Lee Iacocca to turn Chrysler around in '83. Let's bring back that true grit attitude by guaranteeing Waymo and our ten foreign auto manufacturing "guests" do NOT make Driverless for Google. WE DO. Two years ago the NAIAS called it the "Automated Car" and it seemed far off. Now? We have AWARENESS of our imminent battle for Michigan's Automotive Industry Future. I will unify our 3 CEOs to assert our Big Three earned rights as the hub of the USMIC, winning the battle for where Driverless Cars are made. I will sponsor the bill. Anticipate congressional support as it will be good for the USA, and it won't be the first time Michigan's automotive authorities came together to win at this particular game.


With our comeback nearly complete I interviewed GM President Mark Ruess. I was there the day GM celebrated 100 Years by introducing the Chevrolet Volt (leased one myself) at GM's HQ lobby, and I was with GM's finance team the very night they got the email they were bankrupt. You can imagine how excited I was to film my newest role model - Mary Barra, here signaling her intention to beat Tesla and establish Driverless Cars as Made in Michigan, there giving me pitch perfect Chevrolet Bolt answers.

Having spent over a decade providing dozens of ways for GM, FCA and Ford to beat the imports via exclusive technology for digital conquesting, I believe I am the only candidate with the auto marketing experience, clear awareness of our time limited leverage position and the right plan necessary to make absolutely certain Michigan remains the "Big Dog" for Driverless Cars. We do NOT want to get into a cash war with Google who gets well over 50% of all advertising money spent online - every day. To win we need to make this a law. BTW - where was Google at Willow Run?  "Driverless" already is the biggest thing since the iPhone. In the next 5 years it will be accepted like turning circles. In 10 years, we better be making the "estimated 4 Million U.S. Driverless Vehicles" here or it will be 2009 all over again as we'll lose 25% more market share to this safer alternative

I called it OUR WAR first right here  - then WIRED confirmed we are in fact at war, calling it a "Race" between "Waymo and GM".  Mary Barra sits on the President's advisory board - so we begin with the upper hand.


WE ARE STILL the U.S. Domestic Car Capital and our National Defense is depending on MICHIGAN. This latter fact commands special consideration. 

I will write a law, ready to be submitted day one that favors only us for our Triple Threat  role as defenders, employers and GNP contributors. I'm calling it the "MICHIGAN | Driverless Car Tech Capital" bill. I see little to no partisan pushback and plenty of Michiganders lining up to co-sponsor it.

It's San Fran or us. Sorry Sheryl - we'd rather it be us. Fair?


The Latest Automation Alley Report  - contributed to by key 11th District Big 3 Auto executives - confirms our future: "Adopting industry 4.0 technologies will increase their competitiveness". Put another way, "Automation Alley becomes Silicon Valley for Driverless Cars or we're toast" in a conservative projection. My plan calls for domestic unity to flex our DETROIT MUSCLE - and execute our pure leverage to ensure Michigan is also the DRIVERLESS Car Capital of the World.

They're "IN" already - now we just need something that BONDS us Big Three together. Sergio directly told us Jeep wants to sell "a big number - 1.9M Jeeps in 2018". Jeep deserves America's support for making the Official Vehicle of The United States Military Industrial Complex since 1941. Jeep has earned special consideration - a Michigan first right of refusal at Driverless HQ for their war time sacrifice. FCA is far along beta Driverlessing Minivans. 

I captured on film the day Ford transitioned to a mobility company. I will bring back together my friends and Michigan's Presidentially sought out ROCK STARS Mary Barra, Sergio Marchionne and Jim Hackett - remember day ONE in the White House? All our Big Three CEOs were called in to kick off the new Mexico-to-Michigan jobs tour.

Facebook's CEO Sheryl Sandberg (left) seems open to this. Google may take more convincing as Waymo is our biggest threat to NOT becoming the Driverless Car Capital.  

Together we will ice a plan to make certain the next big thing - The Driverless Car - is made right here. After all - we INVENTED the middle class with our 100 year head start. Even Google was born in Michigan. My father encouraged GM, Chrysler, and Ford to work together. Bill's last clip was a congratulations message to then newly appointed CEO Mary Barra. So stand up and tell 'em again - you're from Detroit!