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It's Time to Put American Families First

Metro Detroit is my home and throughout my life I watched my father, Bill Bonds stand up and fight for this community. As WXYZ-TV News Anchor, he embodied the grit and hard-work of the people who live here. 


Then it was my turn to step up and do the same. Starting where Dad left off with his Swan Song - together we created an epic documentary about our comeback AS IT WAS HAPPENING. Be proud Metro Detroit as I invite you to watch Heroes of Detroit, (Password: HeroesOfDetroit).

As a small business entrepreneur, I brought 35 American tech companies in from San Fran and NY to Detroit to compete with Google, Facebook and Twitter. We created new jobs out of thin air. Suddenly, I lost my stepson to the opioid epidemic April 3rd, 2013. I became an expert at this disease. Now I can no longer stand on the sidelines - not with 65,000 young Americans dying every year. Our families need a conservative champion who will tackle the tough issues. That's why I am running to be your next Congresswoman for the 11th District.


I will always put American families first. I will serve our community with American love and American guts. 

My Plan to Put American families First