Where I Stand

Buisness Advocate

To put American families first, we need to put American businesses first. As your Congresswoman, I will tirelessly advocate to protect jobs and move our economy forward. I opened offices and planted 35 tech companies in 10 years so I understand the nuances and needs of small business.

Pro Military

As the daughter of a Korean War veteran, I know just how important it is to stand up for our men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice. Let's honor their sacrifice by giving them the quality care they deserve. Dad is cheering from Heaven for the progress we are making with the first North Korean Summit for the unification and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Pro Gun

As an NRA member, I understand the importance of every citizen's 2nd Amendment rights. Teachers should have the right to carry voluntarily to protect their students. Ever see a famous gun hater's (Nancy Pelosi types) bodyguards? The double standard is even gun haters use guns to protect themselves. Duh.


I am passionate about protecting all life. I took in a young woman to our home recently - troubled and had already failed at aborting her baby twice. We prayed for a third option. Adoption was chosen and that young man is now approaching his second birthday. Happy Endings are possible. I am a Pro-Lifer and it's yes or no for this Bonds. I say "Yes" - Life begins at conception.

Opioid Crisis

I know first-hand just how opioid use can devastate a family. To end this epidemic, we need a Marshall Plan for “The DEADLIEST drug crisis in American History” to support long term addiction recovery and educational programs to prevent opioid addiction before it starts. To that end I started Opioid Oath. The goal is to negative brand Opioids up there with Hitler and AIDS via eighth grade and younger audiences that might not become the class of "65,000 more dead in 2020."

Senator Portman is the ONLY person I have heard who understands the entire problem. We need even more -a MARSHALL PLAN that addresses the DEMAND side. This is my core expertise. I have a plan to create a $50,000,000 brand including sustainment through decades of automotive consulting experience for major vehicle launches. 

Driverless Cars

Attention MICHIGAN:  911! By 2025, 90% of cars will be DRIVERLESS. 


Now EVERYONE makes automated cars - I warned of this in January. The only exclusive prize left? True DRIVERLESS. That takes Federal Law- and its not yet passed. My plan is to make the Metro-Detroit area the "Driverless Car Capital of the World". 

I will fight for automotive industry by submitting the "Bonds | Bentivolio Bill", making sure this technology employs Michigan workers by giving us an exclusive five year head start. Why? As compensation for Willow Run being the hub of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. If we don't - our fate is left to the imports who now make more cars on American soil than American Car Companies do.