Where I Stand


Fix our Roads!  I will work with President Trump on delivering a comprehensive Infrastructure package that includes fixing our roads and bridges.  In addition, our water delivery systems need to be thoroughly inspected and upgraded where necessary. We can never have another water crisis like in Flint, MI. 

Opioid Crisis

Opioid use devastated my family. To end this epidemic, we need a "Marshall Plan" for LONG term addiction recovery and educational programs to PREVENT opiod addiction before it starts.  We need to save the class of of 2019 and 2020 and 2021 where more American Young (65,000+) will DIE - more than all of Vietnam - unless WE STOP IT! I founded www.OpioidOath.com as a START. If you elect me to Congress I will FINISH this fight!


Bill Bonds and MLK. Alveda King and Kristine Bonds...Generational Greatness..

BE BEST - right on Mrs. First Lady! Just like my father worked alongside MLK, I am working alongside MLK's niece Dr. Alveda King to make Opioid Overdose Warning Education part of our school curriculum - we MUST or we risk  losing another 65,000 Americans every year. I will work with Secretary of Education DeVos to make this a reality. We need much safer schools budgeting for security guards. A recent active school shooter was taken out by a S.W.A.T. team leader turned security guard. Zero dead. It's possible.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. I worked tirelessly these past ten years creating jobs by planting the above 35 companies in Metro Detroit. Now our tax cut has made it much easier to start a business. For corporate, Oakland and Wayne County families know Detroit's Rule 1: Without GM, FCA and Ford we don't have a town.

Pro Military

As the daughter of a Korean War veteran, I can only imagine how proud my dad would be to see this day. I know just how important it is to stand up for our men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice. Let's honor their sacrifice by giving them the quality care they deserve. 

Pro 2nd Amendment

As an NRA member, I understand the importance of every citizen's 2nd Amendment rights. Qualified, certified, trained teachers should have the right to carry voluntarily to protect their students.

Pro Life

I am passionate about protecting all life. You can always count on me to protect the most vulnerable members of our community.  I took in a distraught woman in recently who was pregnant and had already tried to abort twice. She was a good girl - taught piano lessons and was raised in the country. We looked at adoption and she chose LIFE for her baby - now 1 years old. Cry me a river of happiness. My mentor in the Pro-Life movement is Dr. Alveda King. My "Mama" King is Presidentially appointed and arguably the leading spokesperson for pro-life in the U.S., having just met with the Pope on this very subject! 

Secure our Border

Build the Wall!  As the ONLY woman or man running for Congress having lost a son to Opioids, I have already sprung $6B for the cause via our January Paul Ryan Team meeting in which we got a requested SOTU mention translating to big budget. Opioids are coming in from China through Mexico. 65,000 American dead - mostly young - every year - more than all of Vietnam. 911 - BUILD THE WALL ALREADY FOR THIS NUMBER ONE REASON ALONE! I support and will work to get the wall funded and built. Terrorists and illegal immigration are also pouring over our Southern border.  We need to secure the border immediately. 

Driverless Cars

The "BONDS | BENTIVOLIO BILL" leverages our U.S. Military Industrial Complex - of which Detroit is the hub - to a well earned five year head start on imports. Cadillac already sells "Super-Cruise" while Toyota sells "Chauffeur Mode". Safety will necessitate this tech like airbags and antilock brakes. But NO ONE has launched a pure driverless yet. Now GM, FORD, and FCA will enjoy American Exclusivity building on American Soil for a full five years before we allow our "guests" to catch up. Now THAT'S safety of a different sort - the financial stability that comes with being the Driverless Car Capital of the World!