Bonds. Kristine Bonds.

Family First

Kristine was born and raised in Metro-Detroit. Growing up, her parents taught her that family comes first, no matter what. Together, they enjoyed spending time at Green Lake, and bonding over their shared love of acting. Today not much has changed. She is a devoted wife to her husband Greg, and is dedicated to carrying out her father's legacy of community service. Kristine is a Catholic raised and educated, born again, Israel loving Christian who supports the Faith and Freedom Coalition platform. Greg has published for Focus On The Family - a tremendous resource for practical parenting advice and strengthening marriages. Duke is nearing 10 and to us - he's perfect.

Marshall Plan ending Opioid Epidemic

Kristine's life changed forever when she lost her son, Drew to the opioid epidemic. This tragedy inspired her to work tireless to end this epidemic in our community. 

Her efforts resulted in the founding of the Opioid Oath, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to this issue. Their efforts include a Middle School Opioid Oath Tour, seeking to educate middle schoolers about the dangers of opioids. As well as, asking community members to sign a "Wall of Life", which signifies their oath to create safer community. 

American Guts: Business Leader

Bonds knows business. In 2007, Kristine co-founded Detroit Digital Advertising. As managing partner, she put American automakers first, providing GM, FCA and Ford by giving them the technological tools to overcome foreign competition. In just over a decade, her hard work and business savvy gave her the tools to oversee the creation of over 35 business ventures.