Dad won an Emmy for John Lennon's murder and "These DAMN guns!". Later I was robbed at gunpoint in NY, unprotected. STOP! I joined the NRA and follow our gun safety. Understandably school shootings and the loss of a child often result in action. One sign said: "It could have been YOUR child." M'am...it was

Teachers should have the right to carry voluntarily. The post 9/11 School Officer program worked. Sadly, those 17 Florida students were 1/10th of the 175 Americans being murdered by Opioids - EVERY DAY. Epidemic. National Emergency. Let it sink in.

BONDS SAMENESS: 2009 - I launched 35 digital tech companies in Metro Detroit that still employ Michiganders. I gave the Big 3 Google alternatives. Many new careers were launched.

I turned "Pro" after paying exorbitant health care and taxes in my business.

I'm THE SAME as my Republican Politician opponents - LOVE our RNC Platform. I am DIFFERENT as the only CHRISTIAN entrepreneur, creating GODclick and ChristiansInChurches. Two PROMISES: I will beat OPIOIDS. Period. I'll force Silicon Valley to come to Michigan's DRIVERLESS Capital! My PRO Stands:

Pro Life See Dr. King below.

Pro Military Dad: Korean War; his: WWII 

Pro Business Since 2009 - 35 startups

Pro Second Amendment See top.


YOUTH: I debuted April 9th,1965 with my twin sister Mary to John, Joan, Mom and Dad in our baby boomer family. We were literally always happy growing up playing on Green Lake with a father well known for his love of Michigan. My life changed forever when I became a Farmington Hills Mercy girl. It was an all girl school and I hardly even noticed guys freshman year when I made the cast of two plays in a row opposite two co-stars from all boy Birmingham Brother Rice. Yet one would become my husband and the other would become a movie star (Denis O'Hare). 

COLLEGE: I kept it in the Big 10 - Indiana to start and finishing at Northwestern - "studying" with future stars like Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) and David Schwimmer (Friends). 

HOBBIES: To this day acting is a fun family outlet for me. Here Mom, Uncle Bob, cousin Bella, brother John, Greg and I reimagine ACTING: "The Angel of the Edmund Fitzgerald" SPORTS: My Golf handicap is a 6. Ok that was a lie. SINGING: Occasionally I do the band thing, so GET READY, 'cause here I come!


Driverless and Opioids - the two biggest issues of our time. Ten years of providing measurable value to our three domestic automotive CEOs proves I can pull them together for Michigan's mutual Driverless HQ survival.

I will help Make Michigan GREAT Again by fighting to guarantee WE are the the DRIVERLESS Car Capital of the World by NOT losing to other states making profits for foreigners. This "DRIVERLESS CAR Capital of the World" title is ours to lose my fellow automotive pioneering experts. Ah but not to worry - it may be a grind but WE CAN DO IT. For our 11th DISTRICT, for Detroit's Big Three, and all who love Michigan.

I will bring home the bacon for Opioids so they don't beat out DETROIT'S MURDER numbers. Who will tell me - a mother bear robbed of her cub - Opioids don't kill? How did that work for people trying to stop MADD?!

Since Kristine Bonds entered the race, the President and First Lady have focused on the Opioid Epidemic and are about to invest $13 Billion to fix it. But who will invest it? To where? Did THEY lose their first born son to Opioids?! How is the DEMAND side being treated? The Opioid Oath movement solves for this! Wired Magazine then validated the War Bonds already accurately called out: The Race for Driverless Dominance. THAT'S leadership vision and execution Michigan needs.


Ever flip anyone's position to either side of abortion? Personally I have not. I have also never met anyone who disrupted a troubled woman's intent to abort by welcoming her into their home, working with her to find a family to adopt, and didn't feel GREAT because offering that option was the right thing to. I did that recently. He is about 1 years old now and he will outlive me by 50 years. I think of him often. He is a life - because his mom had the guts to turn pro - just in time. If you haven't already, why not make yourself available to a troubled mom? Then we'll see if we have any argument at all.

"The person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument."  - Benny Hinn

Alveda King has had multiple experiences which have brought her audiences with Popes and Presidents as one of the nation's most outspoken advocates for the Pro-Life movement. Enjoying more facetime now with the President than MLK himself, Alveda has stepped into HER time to leave a huge American King legacy.   


Entertainment for a decade. Disney, Disney Tokyo, off broadway, mega-band "Alabama". That was cool. 

After making it "anywhere" (NY for the next ten years) I finally got to come home to Detroit to help with our comeback. Starting in 2007, we helped a lot. GM, Chrysler (FCA) and Ford conquested the imports and came roaring back using many of the exclusive technologies Bonds & Co. introduced via successfully planting over 35 tech companies here with one purpose: Domestic Automotive Digital Dominance. For thoroughness we met with all automotive industry CMOs and CEOs from Maserati to Mitsubishi. We opened offices in LA and NY as a BLOCKING strategy to offer exclusive intel advantages only to Made In America GM, Chrysler, and Ford.  

During this time a high level friend - author Steve Strang - introduced us to Alveda King, MLK's niece, who eventually adopted us into her American Royalty King family. On February 8th, 2018 Dr. King was officially appointed by President Trump. In fact, she has already outdone her "Uncle Martin" in face time with a U. S. President. 

The KINGS are coming! Campaigning together April 10 (Drew would be 30 this day) & 11 in our 11th District, Dr. Alveda King along with her MLK look alike son - MSU Med Student Josh and I will all work to bridge any and all division in a display of MLK style loving unity as we model Pure Michigan to the nation!


Why Bonds? Driverless Car Capital: MICHIGAN Master Strategy

Why Bonds? Opioid Oath Epidemic Ender

Why Bonds? Proven Job Creator 

Why Bonds? A name that means grit, attitude, and embodies our "Detroit vs Everybody" spirit.

Why Bonds? A race uniter, just like Billy

Why Bonds? Detroit Love | Detroit Guts

Why Bonds? BONDS is Michigan's Own

"If you don't change, you don't adjust, you go bye bye". - Dad's final foreboding editorial to Michiganders..."You were first an American".

There are 13 Auto Manufactures in the U.S.A. right now - with just us three Americans. The other ten are all real threats to win the DRIVERLESS AUTO manufacturing business in this country. And Google is looking past all of us.

NOT ON MY (Shinola) WATCH!