We're totally back as an extended Detroit City. "Detroit vs Everybody"? Ok. No surprise here, we won. Yet our 7 year streak of record auto sales was snapped as we sold less cars in '17 than '16.

For future growth then, who will lead her city to become the Driverless Car Capital? GM's Mary Barra, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, or Google's Waymo? Formidable Silicon Valley opponents. Mary just published Driverless Safety, officially advises the President on NAFTA and knows the best is still made in Detroit.  

Feel proud as my father Bill Bonds and I tell the true story about DETROIT'S HEROES who brought us back: 

Comeback:  Heroes Of Detroit  

Password:     HeroesOfDetroit

Whereas Amazon was a long shot, we are expected to win the Domestic Driverless Car Capital title! Its Detroit vs EVERYBODY, again....including Silicon Valley, Tesla, Google and Facebook. Whew. Are we up for this Michigan? What can you do for your country?" -JFK. Send BONDS to Washington to end the Opioid Epidemic and make Michigan home to all USA manufactured Driverless Cars.


Opioids: “The DEADLIEST drug crisis in American History” and the “leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old”. It was not supposed to happen to us in the SUBURBS. Especially not to Drew - our homeschooled, Life Scout, church going, super athlete, double major, 1001 Great Comebacks author, model, songwriter, musician, entrepreneur and master chef of a son. Yet Opioids casually rolled him in his sleep at age 24, 358 days. No one is immune. The grief caused by losing a child can not be described or compared, and only understood if experienced. It often is too much to bear. 2017 Detroit: Opioid deaths beat murders for the first time, 388 to 267. Yesterday, 175 young Americans died of Opioids and broke 350 parent's hearts.

I have a dream to end our opioid epidemic. I see stadiums filled around the country - starting in Detroit - as young Opioid Oath takers are celebrated with a concert they and a fellow oath taker friend are chaperoned to by a grateful parent. This is the MOTHER of all causes. It's our number one killer  - and we need to step up immediately. 

Parents and students we educate won't have to endure the daily, morning wailing heard throughout a home after the loss of a child


January 16, 2018: Only in America can we fly to Washington DC, be successfully vetted as a legitimate candidate (check), meet with Speaker Paul Ryan's team and suddenly impact the State of the Union Address. That literally happened. We had stated our 911 case that day: "It's more annual dead Americans than all of Vietnam. So where's the Beef?!" They agreed heartily.

The day before the SOTU a Congressman calls to inform me: "the President altered his speech to include Opioids as a result of your impressive trip to DC." The nation was shocked by the staggering death numbers quoted. Results? $13 billion budgeted.  What about that Republican sponsored $45 Billion to fight Opioids? I will have a detailed proposal ready to reinstate this funding day one in Congress. For now we welcome First Lady Melania Trump to the cause and invite her to our Middle School Opioid Oath Tour. Until then I will speak to every eighth grade school assembly in the 11th District who will have me so students hear the truth. We'll ask them to place their own name on the Opioid Oath's WALL OF LIFE - Inspired by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This will memorialize their decision to be safer from Opioids.


Three Bad Days:  December 16th, 1981 my talented older sister Joan dies from the disease of addiction. April 3rd, 2013 our beautiful first born son Drew accidentally overdoses from methadone and dies in his sleep. January 10th, 2018 a brilliant 28 year old former addict we were working with relapsed and overdosed on heroin. She survived and we sent her to a facility inspired by Drew's passing at a cost of $20,000 - one dollar for every American who will die this next year from what killed Drew.


Every American who suffers from this disease needs long term in patient recovery like this to survive.  The $45B slotted for this issue immediately needs to address recovery (feed a man a fish) but even more urgent is prevention education (feed a man for a lifetime).  Roughly 12,000 deaths will be fentanyl coming from China and are being driven in trucks across our southern border - that's "Build The Wall" exhibit A. 9,000 more will die from heroin, and little understood methadone accounts for an entire third of Opioid related - yet preventable - deaths: 20,000 dead Americans. 

With the discouraging current "odds" of survival once "infected" by Opioid Addiction being between 2% and 20% - PREVENTION EDUCATION before High School is paramount. On 2/13/18 Dan Coats testified before Congress "We need to address the demand side. PTA meetings, every school - all students and parents involved, like when we made drunk driving awareness." In the same way America is committed to The Wall to cut off the future immigration issues, we can and must now make the odds of stopping Opioid deaths of our loved ones 100%.  


$13 Billion was just allotted for our Opioid Epidemic - $32B short of the American Health Care Act - and non "principle over personality" ideas of how to spend it were published the next day. On March 1, 2018 the Surgeon General announces it is "one of three most passionate topics for the President" on the Hugh Huit show. Bonds will CHAMPION The Opioid Crisis for our District 11 in Congress on this bi-partisan issue. I will use the real DEADline of the certain 60,000 more deaths we will endure in 2018. This will expedite the wall as we seal the border from these murderous drugs killing our loved ones!

SOLUTION: Having lived through the losses of TWO generations of eldest siblings in my own immediate family - my mind is made up to be the solution I seek in this world.


Thus my decision to run. I must, and I believe I will win.

I will educate our families that are unwittingly enabling new young addicts. The alarm needs to go out to all our schools as prevention is our #1 need.

Dad's friend L. Brooks Patterson is helping - and Detroit just lead by example on January 22, 2018 with a task force to combat opioids. GREAT start. Yet it's still not nearly enough! Detroit's and the country's undisputed 911 crisis has already been valued at FORTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS. 

Law enforcement are on TV begging for back up reinforcement "Wishing Congress would get together and get us some help" -FOX NEWS


When funding of a 2017 proposed $45 Billion to fight Opioid Addiction happens - 11th District: I will make certain we become the benchmark for America to emulate as we invest those funds exactly where they're needed for a measured successful result: Real saved lives!

As the only candidate in America who endured Opioids' destruction in my immediate family, I will be the voice, the face and the mother to represent the Opioid cost in the flesh.

Friends - we need someone who understands addiction first. I have studied and lived with addiction for over 25 years. My plan ENDS with the only real solution for addicts who now suffer - long term in patient care. We START with prevention by raising up an army of alarmed parents to educate, inspire and warn all middle school students in our district for no more deaths, no more overdoses ruining lives, NO MORE HEROIN! 

Our campaign goal is for all 11th District eighth graders to take the Opioid Oath to never start and memorialize their decision by placing their name on the official Wall of Life - a stark contrast to the Vietnam Memorial Wall with the same number of names.

"Who is speaking about this besides the President and First Lady?" - Laura Ingram, FOX NEWS 2/6/18. Eric Bolling formerly of FOX tells of "Not My Kid Syndrome" when his son OD'd last September. My husband did radio about Drew the same month he died. Now - we are channeling our pain into the solution. No one should go through this - it was pure hell and totally preventable.