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When San Fran & NY wanted DETROIT Ad Money - They called Detroit Digital

Detroit has three of the top ten annual advertising budgets worldwide in GM(2) Ford(6) and FCA(8).* The average digital OEM budget here is over $1 Billion per (GM's overall budget is $3.1B).  In 2009 I co-founded Detroit Digital to fill the need for digital advertising sales representation here by someone who KNOWS decision makers. We developed solid relationships with America's Domestic Automotive Industry CEOs, CMOs, and their marketing teams.

Detroit Digital soon became the ANSWER to break into Detroit's ad scene  - and we provided CMOs with large, exclusive deca-million dollar deals to secure our American OEM's increased market share while we helped them conquest the imports. We trained Detroit by sponsoring digital educational seminars by Michigan native and programmatic pioneer Kelly Schneider who invented Google's DBM platform AND was the architect of GM's global advertising platform. 


Most often the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) makes the big advertising decisions. An outsider Frenchman saw Detroit's greatness in its paresianesque bones and singular history. He personally visited Eminem's team in Royal Oak to produce what most Auto Execs told me was the "most inspirational commercial on the biggest stage in automotive history." (Password: HeroesOfDetroit) His name is Olivier François - "Chrysler's Don Draper". Like Dan Gilbert, Olivier is a genuine Hero of Detroit. 

To protect American Made Cars we opened LA Digital and NY Digital to provide Exclusive Coverage for the U.S. Auto Vertical for our digital clients. This gave us the necessary authority to offer our Michigan American OEMs first right of refusal on all new technology we'd discover. It is how we work. One way to avoid underestimating how vital these three are to us Metro Detroiters: Take just ONE OEM - GM, Chrysler, or Ford - away - and can you even sell your house? No, you can not...or were you not here in 2009?  Soon we will be homelocked WITHOUT the Driverless Car. 

We are in a war with WAYMO. Period. Michigan needs to and can control winning this one. If we will but unify to command our compensation for being part of The Military Industrial Complex, the result will be simple: A law necessitating Driverless gets made in Michigan - the New Midwest's Premier Tech Hub and The Driverless Car Capital of THE WORLD!


I am the only candidate in the 11th District race with massive real world entrepreneurial business experience and a proven successful track record of planting, co-founding and inventing over 35 companies in less than 10 years. Bonds knows business. No one gave them to me - I BUILT that! This is the leadership Michigan's 11th District needs - real world experience from this OUTSIDER. BONDS is asking for your support to seal District 11's prosperous future via my plan for Michigan's Driverless Dominance and to protect us from Opioid madness by sealing off the demand side and making the Opioid Oath as effective against overdoses as MADD is against Drunk Driving. PTAs, Schools, and 8th Grade level school assemblies in the 11th District are my campaign stops. I am in the trenches - I really do get it. Washington could use the reality check Michigan's 11th District will give it by sending BONDS to Washington. And since this really is life or death - perhaps you may consider what YOU can do to help. If so, please email me:

Thank you!

*Advertising Age